Multimedia management

Along with  textual content, multimedia is one of the most used information types in internet. No matter if a photo you have taken, or a video you would like to share, you need quick and ease access to multimedia on your website.

To make your life easier, GOWEB CMS offers you:

  • Full set of widgets, allowing you to add images or videos in any place of the web page
  • Automatic thumbnail creating - each image gets automatically resized in multiple formats, so you can choose the best fit for your purposes
  • Media folders, so you arrange big amount of data easily
  • Drag and drop sorting and upload
  • Uploading of more than one files at once
  • Access to your media files in each text editor
  • Automatic watermarks to protect your copyrights
  • Full responsive design support, so your media looks right on any screen size and resolution
  • Responsive slideshows with many customizable options


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