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GOWEB CMS: a new generation website builder for teams and individuals creating websites for other people

IT'S TIME TO GOWEB: Build websites with lower offers to your clients, greater profit for your business and less working time for you and your team - how is that possible? It's what GOWEB CMS gives you out-of-the-box.

If you already make websites for clients, you can do better, faster and a lot cheaper with GOWEB CMS

Browse the free stock page and module templates. Use the Template editor for quick and easy customizations - with the Template editor you have unlimited possibilities for the design and appearance. Everything happens in minutes using only drag&drop controls and built-in visual tools. Export your custom templates to the GOmarket or use them for your next project. Your team would need only a couple of days to fully master GOWEB CMS as it's so easy to use and you also skip the coding part.

If you do logo and graphic design, you can make pro websites for your clients without learning to code

You have an eye for the catchy design, but you another person or a whole dev team to create a new website, as you have no idea how to code. We have created GOWEB CMS just for you - now you can create modern, next-generation websites with absolutely no-coding skills needed. How many times a client of your have asked you for a website designer recommendation? Stop losing on that extra profit and start building website today with GOWEB CMS? It's so easy with all the built-in tools and a host of free stock templates to choose from, you only need to give it a free try to see for yourself.

If you do SEO or digital marketing services, you can include website design to your monthly service plans

When the incoming project work starts exceeding the developer force - deadlines start coming faster, the costs for extra work and outsourcing are getting bigger and the skill gap is looking greater than Goliath. How about allowing your designers or content editors to complete those new client website projects? It's possible now with GOWEBcms. No setup fee and fixed monthly fees for hosting and support could easily compliment your monthly service fees to your clients, while it remains your choice how much you would charge for a new client website.

Choose from Free and White-label Reseller Packs

It's free to join the standard GOWEB CMS Partners Program. You only need to signup. Once approved, you will have access to client management. You will be able to build new client websites on the GOWEB CMS platform, using the branded GOWEB admin panel and support section for your clients, while your client pays the GOWEB CMS monthly fee according to their plan. If you want to put your own brand, you can take advantage of the paid White-label pack, where you pay a fixed monthly fee and all your client websites will be branded with your name and logo. Every GOWEB CMS Partners member gets volume discounts on the client monthly fee and can decide whether to provide the client with the lower rates or share the monthly income.

No coding skills. Live editing. All-built-in tools.

You get complete control over your website design and appearance, content, SEO, tracking and administration. Everything is built-in and flexible, so you don't have to constantly wonder what to do, how to change this or install that. Live editing tools, blog, news, events, forms, visual template design editor, drag & drop layouts, flexible widgets and navigation - all part of a unique, complex system environment made as easy to use as a child's play.

Client permission management

Set user permissions and control what your clients and other admins can do on every website you create. Want to leave the website design all for yourself? So be It - you can turn off/on every single module of GOWEB CMS, based on your preference, service plan and profit margins you have set for a specific client.

Discounts and shared profit on client plans

The more you sell, the bigger discounted net rates you will get on the monthly plan fees for your clients.

Free templates and layouts at the GOWEB CMS marketplace

It's so easy to build your own page template from scratch and use it for a section of your website. But it's even easier when you can browse a template gallery and get the template you like for free, being able to make custom changes and upgrades on it, instead of building it from scratch all over again. You could even share or sale your work on the GOWEB Market.

Profitability boost

Escape the skill gap and the $100+/hr for a developer. Enter a whole new friendly world of built-in, visually-controlled tools, where you need absolutely NO coding skills (neither PHP, nor HTML or CSS) to create and manage unique, complicated website design and content in minutes! A website or two per day is not too bad for your profit boost - a dream you could easily fulfill with GOWEB CMS.


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