Hosting, Services and Security

With each website you create with GoWEB CMS you get:

  • Your own dedicated webserver, so other clients don't affect your site's performance
  • Your own dedicated high-performance search engine
  • Disk space according to your subscription plan
  • Closed source code
  • Daily system updates
  • Data and database backups
  • Free unlimited bandwidth
  • Free subdomain yourdomain.gowebcms.com
  • Free secure SSL backend login
  • Free secure SSL frontend access to  yourdomain.gowebcms.com
  • Free DNS hosting and management
  • MySQL database
  • Multiple email accounts according to your subscription plan
  • Free web based email client
  • Sophisticated built-in caching system to guarantee you fast loading times

To take care of your data we have:

  • Our own servers at a secure co-location data center
  • Redundant hard drives
  • Redundant power supplies
  • Security monitoring 24/7
  • Performance monitoring 24/7
  • Fiber optics, connected straight to the backbone

Very often neglected as less important thing, security has been one of the biggest concerns in the past years.

Using free products and installing random unverified  plugins leads to a huge risk for your data every day.

Buggy and unsafe code is used to create exploits, worms and more automated tools that let hackers take down or use your site to spread malware, from which you suffer.

We take security seriously and do the best we can to protect your data and status.

We have:

  • Source code testing and verification
  • Daily updates
  • 24/7 Security monitoring and reporting


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