GOWEB CMS Affiliate Program

GOWEB CMS launches on invitations-only:

Exclusively distributed via its Affiliate Program

IT'S TIME TO GOWEB: The entire tech world is awaiting your invitation to be able to signup and try what people call "The next big thing" in web design - GOWEB CMS.

Join our Affiliate Program now and get immediate access! This is a one-time limited offer, exclusive to our Affiliate partners.

You are the only one to distribute invitations for the new product

As a GOWEB CMS Affiliate - you are part of a select group of people with exclusive access to invitations for the launch of GOWEB CMS - the new kind of integrated visual website builders. Invitations are the only key to sign up for GOWEB CMS and are wanted by thousands of people right from the start. Spread the word and the number will increase quickly. Use your network to distribute your invitations and earn commissions of at least 50$ per sale.

Invitations=commissions. Act now and supercharge your bank account

Every invitation you send is linked to your account and is commissionable if it leads to a sale (average commission of $100 per sale is a realistic target). We care a lot about conversion rate optimization and will provide you with an outstanding creatives set - various banner sizes and copy variations, target audience insights, landing pages tailored to the target segments. We monitor and optimize the creative where needed, to boost the conversion rates and help increase your campaign outcomes.

A one-time opportunity you wouldn't want to just read about in the news

GOWEB CMS is a visual website builder of its own category, unmatched by any other system across the web. What does it mean for you as an affiliate? The media will talk about it, the tech world will talk about it and we will make sure to spark the buzz. Don't read about it, be part of it - our affilate program members will have the exclusivity to distribute a product that web designers and agencies have been dreaming about, simply by spreading invitations for signup to the world.

Joining the GOWEB CMS Affiliate Program

The GOWEB Affiliate Program is a win-win commission-based partnership, where you could make money by placing links on your website or blog, with the sole purpose of referring customers to the GOWEB product website. Every time you refer a customer who starts paying to use the GOWEB.cms service, you earn a commission reward. You receive regular monthly payments for the amount of money you have earned for the respective period (minimum threshold apply). All you need to start is a functional website, signup and approval for the Program. It's quite easy to go.

Commission Rates - make as much as you can

  • 1 x 1000$ on Private Label yearly plans
  • 3 x 250$ on Private Label monthly plans
  • 100$ per sale on Premium yearly plans
  • 1 x 75$ on Premium quarter plans
  • 3 x 25$ per sale on Premium monthly plans
  • 5 x 10$ on Basic monthly plans
  • 1 x 75$ on Basic yearly plans

Cookie life and Payment terms

An Affiliate cookie is valid for 90 days.We will pay you any commissions earned. Commissions earned will be held by Affiliate Program for a period of 20 days before being added to your account balance. We will pay you the funds in your account balance on a monthly basis, provided that your account balance is greater than $25 at the time of billing. Payments are made on a monthly basis via Paypal.

Bonuses for you to use GOWEB CMS

  • We will match your earned commission amount with free GOWEB CMS services. Qualifying Affiliates with more than 50 sales per year will receive free GOWEB CMS services equal to the value of the corresponding commission amount they have earned. Example: 50 sales of Premium yearly plans = $5,000 commission total = $5,000 worth of GOWEB CMS services
  • Every Affiliate with at least one confirmed sale per year gets fixed 20% discount on all GOWEB CMS services


  • Segmentation and Profiling info sheet
  • Product demo and presentation
  • Texts and copy
  • Banners
  • Keyword lists

CRO tools to boost conversion rates

We care about conversion rates and will make sure to provide you with all the tools you need to get to better understand our conversion funnel and make the most of your traffic by sending the right people to the right landing pages, using the right tailored message. We will provide you with tools, insights and marketing material to be able to make informed decisions when planning your communication.


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