Complete multilingual support

Many systems claim to support multiple languages, but only a few do it natively.

If you are asking "why would I care about that?", here comes the  answer:

Quick answer:

  • You will manage information  in multiple languages much more easily
  • Without causing any problems when editing content
  • Your website  will run faster
  • and will have useful tools and options the other system can't offer you

Long answer:

There is a huge difference in the way single language and multi-language website are internally build. Having a simple (single language) CMS system let's you use functions in the source code that print messages, or use single database tables, leaving you no way to add a new language.

To go around this problem, some 3rd party plugins do a few tricks:

  •  some keep the original DB structure and split the texts with a custom separator. Then a DB text field looks like this  ORIGINAL_ENGLISH_TEXT NEW_LANGUAGE_TEXT .  The downside of such an approach is that it's slow, requires patching of all system functions that pull/insert or show data from the databse and you can't really attach a good search function to it
  • others extend the database tables  with additional fields for each language. Adding a new language would require changing the database, removing one will not be easy and save, you would still need to patch all internal functions that access the database fields and it's definitely not easy to be done each time you need a new language
  • since the interface is not built to support translations, there is no database place for them. The usual workaround is to add a new database table and patch all functions that print texts, which is almost every file of your CMS.
  • each plugin that changes the original DB structure causes conflicts with all other plugins that also need any DB change. After installing such a plugin, usually one of them breaks the other one and your whole website. In case things are not that worse, the newer plugin does not have multilingual support (as the original system), so you can't expect it to work well.
  • besides all possible conflicts and broken code, all transformations when inserting or reading data will be slower than the original functions, making your website laggy

Time to forget all these problems!

What GoWEB CMS offers you:

  • Flexibility - add or remove any language on the fly, without losing any content
  • Support of multiple slugs - multiple SEO friendly URLs for all language versions of any page - example: www.mysite.com/good-address (English) , www.mysite.com/gute-adresse (German)
  • Interface and system message dictionaries - you can customize all system text in case you are not happy with them 
  • Separate search engine results for each language
  • Ease to use tools to let you edit content offline and import it when ready
  • Multilingual sitemaps
  • Meta tags, URLs and full content control for all languages and all content types


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