What is a Dynamic CMS Page?

What is a web page?

Web pages are what make up the World Wide Web (www) and every site you visit.  These documents are written in HTML (hypertext markup language) and are translated by your Web browser in a form you can use them easily - not as HTML code, but as visual elements like images, texts, videos and more.

What is a static web page?

Static web pages are web pages, which show the same content each time they are viewed and remain unchanged until their source code is updated (usually manually by a web developer)

What is a dynamic CMS page?

In contrast to static web pages, dynamic web pages are not pure HTML code, but generated on the fly code, whose contents can be easily changed in a dedicated admin section and require no special technical skills.

When to use a CMS page?

CMS pages are the most basic type of content in GOWEB CMS and you can use them for various purposes such as:
  • Regular site pages like "About us", "Locations", "Contacts", etc
  • Basic textual content - electronic documents or whenever you just need to show some text
  • Just as a wrapper to display a custom template - in case the template is more important and you don't need to show texts, but need an url to display the template.

Blogs Module vs CMS Pages - When to prefer blogs and when to use pages instead?

In general, blogs extend pages, offering  more options and flexibility to you. In case you need comments section, page photos or any category organization, use blogs.
If you don't need any of them, CMS pages are a perfect candidate for you.
A Blog page can easily degrade to CMS page using module templates.

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